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I am dedicated to promoting the highest standards of play therapy practice through specialized supervision, licensure supervision, and comprehensive play therapy training. My mission is to empower mental health professionals and play therapists to excel in their careers while ensuring the well-being of the clients they serve.


Play Therapy Supervision

As a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, I provide individual and group supervision to help you develop your play therapy skills and meet your professional goals. Whether you're working toward Registered Play Therapist (RPT) or School-Based Registered Play Therapist (SB-RPT) certification or simply seeking to enhance your therapeutic techniques, my supervision services are tailored to your needs.

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Licensure Supervision

Navigating the path to becoming a licensed mental health professional can be challenging. My licensure supervision offers guidance and support to counselors as they work towards licensure in Illinois or Missouri. I provide a structured and enriching environment for your professional growth.

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Play Therapy Training

My play therapy training programs are designed to equip mental health professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively incorporate play-based techniques into their therapeutic practice. Whether you're new to play therapy or looking to expand your expertise, my workshops and courses cater to all skill levels.

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Why Choose Me?

  • Experienced Professional: I am a highly experienced and credentialed play therapist supervisor who is passionate about advancing the field.

  • Customized Approach: I understand that every therapist's journey is unique. My services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Ethical Excellence: I uphold the highest ethical standards in play therapy and licensure supervision to ensure the well-being of clients and the integrity of the profession.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Access a wealth of resources, including articles, books, and tools, to support your growth as a play therapist and/or counselor.


Get Started Today

Unlock your full potential as a play therapist or counselor. Contact me to learn more about my services, schedule a consultation, or enroll in one of my play therapy training programs. I am here to help you excel in your career and make a positive impact on the lives of your clients.

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