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I provide supervision for licensure in Illinois and Missouri (I provide supervision for credentialing as an RPT or SB-RPT concurrently with supervision for licensure for those interested). I utilize the Discrimination Model and/or the Integrated Developmental Model when providing supervision, recognizing beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of supervisees.  I provide in-person and virtual supervision.  My fee for supervision for licensure is $75 an hour.  

Areas of focus in supervision include:

  • Interventions/Skills Competence,

  • Assessment of Clients,

  • Interpersonal Assessment-Use of Self,

  • Case Conceptualization,

  • Diversity,

  • Theory,

  • Treatment Plans/Goals, and

  • Professional Ethics/Professional Development.

Contact me at or 314-651-6679 if you are interested in receiving supervision from me.  You can download from the "Forms" page and complete the "Agreement for Licensure Supervision" (or the "Agreement for Licensure and Play Therapy Supervision") and email/bring it to me prior to our first supervision session or you can complete it at my office. 


The "Professional Disclosure Statement" provides information about me, my education and credentials, my areas of competencies, supervision training and experience I have, and my approach to supervision. 


Additionally, the "Supervision Log" is used to document what is discussed in supervision and the hours of supervision.  You will need to fill out the top portion and bring this to each one of our supervision sessions.


Finally, the "Counselor Competencies Scales-Revised (CCS-R)" is what I use to evaluate your performance in providing counseling.

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